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BtG really appreciate and rely on people supporting the work we do.

Over the years we have received many donations from individuals or via fund raisers, events etc which have allowed us to continue to do the valuable work we are engaged in.

If you would like to make a donation then there are a variety of ways to contribute.

Contact the office for any assistance you require regarding any offer of support you may feel you wish to make.


Donate to BtG Destitution Cupboard

BtG operate a Destitution cupboard aimed at those in the community who have nothing, those who have no access to benefits or other means to obtain basic food and living essentials.

We accept the donation of actual items for this store or financial contributions to allow us to replenish this much valued and used reseource.

Destitution Cupboard Opening hours:

Monday- Thursday 9.30am-4.30pm           Friday 9.30am-12.30pm



Many opportunities exist to volunteer with BtG across the range of activities we are engaged in.

Have a look at the Volunteering section for more insight.

Partner with us

We are always interested to work in partnership with other groups and organisations to progress new ideas for the good of the community.

Its always worth contacting us to discuss ideas.

Join the Board

A very important part of who we are is our Board of Trustees. There is always scope for others to bring their own unique expertise and insights to help support the work of BtG.

Direct Donations

We rely greatly on the generosity of funders and supporters to sustain the projects we are delivering. Donations are always much appreciated with many ways for people to contribute to supporting BtG

Recommend Us

If you know of someone who you may feel may benefit from engaging with any of our services then its always worth mentioning what we have on offer. One of our main aims is to engage with those who are not already involved in other groups.

Come along to our events

We have a range of events over a typical year which we like to encourage people to come along to. From community meals to drop ins, there are great chances to attend our events and appreciate what is going on.

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